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    GP1200 Gauge Questions

    When I put the clip on the kill switch, are the gauges supposed to come on? I can hold Mode to lock/unlock, but the gauges are only on after I have the waverunner started. If I try to start it and it won't start the first time, it will also say welcome to waverunner, the different gauges will flash, etc. I'd like for the gauges and all to stay on once the battery is on, so that I could have a clock/trip meter/distance meter, etc. Any ideas on this?

    Also, fuel gauge is stuck on Empty/warning light stays on. Supposedly the float is stuck, any suggestions for this also?


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    Anyone happen to know?

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    Gauge will not turn on unless ski is running. The fuel float, you have to take the sender out of the top of the tank and see whats going on inside with it.

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    Yep, gauges only turn on when the engine is started or attempted to started.
    Read this thread for your fuel sender issues

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