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    seadoo accelarates on its own

    Hi, i have a 2001 seadoo xp 951cc rotax. It was fine end of last season however when i start it now it accelarates immediately on its own. Probably a simple thing but thought id seek help before i start unbolting things. cable seems to be free and can see the oil pump cable moving freely to when i press accelarator before starting. thanks

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    Sounds like a "lean run-away" when it does that,pull the key and hold the throttle wide open and it should stop.The cause can be several bad crank seals,carb base gaskets etc.But you said it was running fine and can only assume that you haven't unbolted anything yet so i would recommend to Clean the carburators,REPLACE the grey fuel lines if you havent already,clean or replace the selector valve and clean the fuel filter too.Most cases this is the problem as the grey fuel lines degrade over the years,especially if you are using an ethanol based fuel..goodluck
    Oh and if you do run it lean it will cause major engine failure.

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