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Thread: Sponson angle?

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    Sponson angle?

    Hi everyone,
    In search of gaining some stability on my SL780 during 2 up riding, I installed some Polaris sponsons. Well they helped a lot while not on plane, the ski feels more stable at no wake speeds and just above that, up to around 5 mph. But when I get on plane and am just cruising between 25 and 35, it wants to walk side to side. Above 35 the sponsons no longer have an effect until turning, which if what I expected them to do. The sponsons are new and had the instructions with them and I read them and followed the measurements very carefully. The only part that was not completely clear was, was I supposed to keep the same distance from the rail, or was I supposed to keep them in line with the bottom of the hull?

    Or is this all just normal when riding 2 up on to small of a ski!
    I got to ride a 3 place Yamaha (don't know what model) this past week (2 up) and what a difference in how stable the larger ski's are. We were at South Padre Island and the swells were around 5 feet, what a blast. I could not imagine doing it 2 up on the SL.

    Thanks for any info and for letting me rant.

    Yes all the screws are installed, this was taken while still installing the sponsons.

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    Yes the 3 seatres are a HUGE improvement when 2 up riding.

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    I did follow the instructions in the above thread, I just am now wondering if my interpretation is correct.
    In the instructions it states after marking the first hole to line up the sponson parallel to the bottom of the hull.
    My interpretation of the bottom of the hull is where the red arrow points in this pic, should I have ran them parallel to the where the green arrow points?


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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Just looked at my SLX 780 and the red arrow is the one to follow.

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    Thank You,
    Looks like I did something right

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