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    What are people using for bumpers when at a dock?

    I have had stand-ups and smaller pwcs before. We rarely tied to docks.

    Now that i have a 3 person, I would like to able to take it restaurants and tie up to the boat docks.

    I would really like to have some bumpers to protect the hull from hitting the dock.

    Regular boat bumpers would be hard to carry. Is there something on the market that works well and can be carried on a pwc?

    Maybe something inflatable?


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    I use these:
    They work, but the lower suction cup is a PITA to get off once you are on the ski.

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    Hull Huggerz

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    Depending on the dock setup I use the bungie mooring ropes. One at front and one in rear tied off diagonally in the slip. That is ideal if u have one slip per boat.

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    The problem is, most of those solutions only really protect a small portion of the ski and every dock is different. Skis are so small and low they can actually slip under many docks and get smashed that way. To be really safe you would almost need an inflatable blanket to cover the entire side of the ski; I remember seeing something like that one time but I forget where.

    In a quiet marina it may not be bad, but in some areas you will have a lot of big wakes and waves coming in so I always try to beach my ski and stay away from docks if possible; but keep in mind; if you have rocks on the beach that can even be worse than the dock! If I am forced to tie up at a dock, I always try to "suspend" the vessel between two points diagonally so it's not touching the dock and not subject to a beating.

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    Been contemplating this as well myself.
    The pier I have in my front yard is on the Chesapeake and gets quite rough. For example, yesterday I had 2-3 ft swells coming in at a rapid rate. I didn't even bother tying up. I just rested for a bit and then turned around and re trailered.

    I have tried the bigger boat bumpers, didn't work. Tried that yamaha two piece thing, not sure if it would work but for rough water I don't think it will. I lost the attaching rope before I was able to try it out. Was gonna make my own rope for it yesterday but it was just too rough.

    I have a random empty piling that sits at a 45 degree angle from the "T" of the pier and am going to do the tie up method others have mentioned above. For rough water this seems the best option.

    For calm waters like in a canal or maybe a lake or something I think the other options would be ok.

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