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    Intake Grate Bolt Heads Snapped Off :(

    A few of the bolt heads for my intake grate were already snapped off, and I sprayed the remaining ones with PB Blaster, let sit for a while, sprayed some more, let sit more.. and was careful but snapped another off.. so I didn't even attempt on the others. I'd like to put a RIVA Top Loader grate somtime, or at least replace these bolts.. any suggestions? Would any type of bolt/screw extractor work, or would I have to drill these out and re-tap the holes?

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    You might wanna pull the whole pump out, put it on a bench and heat up remaining bolts so you can get them out without breaking. Then once you have the grate off, you can get to the other broken ones with heat and extractors.

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    yep, what he said... sucks for the extra work, yet is the best way to fix this..

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    What is involved in removing the pump? Would there be no options like the screw/bolt extractors or trying to heat the remaining bolts with a small butane lighter/solder iron? Thanks for the help. I really want to install a new grate..

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    depending on the bolt location you can heat with a propane torch... grate bolts all bolt to the aluminum housing, so you must be carefull not to melt it..
    the pump is held on with four large bolts..
    once you remove the plate you can see them. you remove the plate by removing the four bolts that hold it in place..
    be carefull as these can also break off and those nuts are glassed into the hull..
    remove the various cables and hoses ,then the four bolts...
    do not push up alot ,just enough to engage the drive onto the bolt..
    once those are out the pump, while a tight fit,it should slide out with some work...
    the input end is sealed with white rtv into the hull ,so it may take some pulling ...
    at reinstallation, remember to reseal this area again..
    my preference is to use teflon pipe dope on all my bolts and have not had lossening nor corrosion breakage issues

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    No possible options without removing the pump? :/

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    see your other thread on this, not really unless your good at this (meaning done a few before)..or build a drilling jig..
    I have drilled broke bolts out for years in various materials and know in this instance, pulling the pump is easyer and faster...(been there on old 500 pumps as they are the same basic lay out.)

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    Don't have access to my Waverunner right now, but want to pick up bits/tap for the process.. anyone happen to know the thread size and length of the intake grate bolts?

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