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    SLXH 1050 engine - Stator HELP!!! (Red/Purple wire)

    I have an SLXH 1050 and i did a motor swap.

    I'm having trouble figuring out where the red/purple wire from the stator plugs into on the electrical box. To help paint an image the first plug on the wire is a round female connection then it splits off to a flat female and splits off again and ends at another flat female connection.


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    Note: Polaris issued a service bulletin update regarding the Red/Purple wiring (PWC-00-05). See below.

    The original wiring connected all Red/Purple wires together. On some engines the Red/Purple coming from the Reset Button daisy-chains to other Red/Purple wires, and also plugs into the Red/Purple terminal on the terminal board.

    In your case that would mean one flat connector goes to the Reset Button, the other goes to a Red/Purple terminal. The CDI may have the round bullet connector that plugs into the remaining connection.

    The revised connections (PWC-00-05) have all but one Red/Purple wire still connected together and connected to the Red/Purple terminal.

    In the revised arrangement the only Red/Purple wire that does NOT connect with the others instead connects directly to the Orange wire terminals. That separated Red/Purple wire is the one coming out of the CDI module inside the electrical box. To make this connection you may have to change the round bullet connector on the end of the CDI Red/Purple wire to a female spade connector that will fit onto an Orange terminal.

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    In the electrical box on the circuit board side, it's labeled as red/purple. On mine, it runs from the crcuit board side and it splits to the other side of the box that contains the CDI, starter relay, and coil. The split (Two wire connection) goes to the circuit breaker and the other side of that split goes to the CDI. If that makes sense.

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