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    2009 gtx 255 limited low oil pressure

    I recently bought a new gtx 255 limited and the first time i drove it went well for about a mile then reduced to a speed of 6mph and the check engine and low oil pressure light went on and it held a contuneous beep. I beached it and checked the oil. It had more than enough oil to operate. I let it sit for a bit and started it back up, it operated well till the check engine light went back on. I was forced to head back due to this problem. I do not feel like returning it to the dealer so soon and i was wondering if there were any quick fixes i could do to it or if theres a known problem with this.

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    if it has a warranty id have it in the dealers parking lot first thing in the morning, and tell them as soon as the light came on you towed it back to the trailer!!

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