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    Does Sl650 have stator cover gaskets?

    I do not see any gaskets in the parts blowout, but I wanted to be sure...does the water jacket (I think that's what it's called) and flywheel cover have gaskets? I see some traces or orange on the surfaces, is that possibly just some sealer?

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    The Polaris online parts diagram does not show a gasket, and the orange traces are probably old sealant.

    From the service manual;
    Quote Originally Posted by Polaris service manual
    Install outer magneto cover. Use Loctite 515 gasket eliminator on mag cover mating surfaces and torque bolts to 14 ft. lbs.

    Outer Magneto Cover Bolt Torque
    (Loctite 242 Blue) 14 ft-lbs

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    No gasket. Just use the same sealer you did the cases with.

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