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    Hello and question

    Howdy! I have a 96 Seadoo 717, 99 yamaha gp800 and a 00 yamaha 800xl. Just finished a top-end on the 99 (line broke with previous owner) and have resisted the urge to go to premix. I've run all new oil lines. Bled to the pump. I put the check valves back in after the pump. What is the recommended way to bleed the lines from the pump to the carbs? Here's what I've done so far. Pulled spark plugs, shot oil in the cylinders, hold wide open throttle and crank the engine. SLOW going! I have oil to the one ways, and am getting ready to pull the rest of the line off and somehow fill with oil. OR start her up, and squirt oil down the carbs? Anyone have an opinion? Thanks!

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    I ran my oil pump with a drill to fill up the lines before I installed it on the motor. Other than that you could run the engine on a gallon of premix while you watch the lines fill up.

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    Pump is already on, just replacing lines. I may just end up pulling the last sections of hose off of the one-ways and use a syringe to fill them. Geez, who'da thunk something as simple sounding as replacing oil lines would be such a chore.

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