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    What do you use to clean and protect the rubber mats?

    The mats on my new Vxs have grease spots on them and some white discoloration in some places.

    Is there particular product that is best to use to clean them?

    Is there any protective spray to keep them from becoming stained or sun faded?


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    I have a gallon of seadoo vinyl cleaner it has lasted me a long time. I bet Yamaha has some too. I try to use some different stuff and it started to dissolve my plastic. that why I got the good stuff.

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    303 Aerospace protectant..........use it on all rubber, vinyl, and plastic stuff on the ski.

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    I have all white mats and any type of mildew sticks out like a sore thumb. Hitting the spots very quickly with a 2000 psi sprayer works but don't let it stay in the same spot for long. It turns the Hydro Turf into mush.

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    Used to use the Aerospace 303 but now I use the really good stuff. Fluid Film. Does not harm anything on your ski!! No more water spots either!

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