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    How much would you pay for '99 Kawasaki Ultra 150?

    Well, I am new to Kawasaki....Ive had a Polaris SLT750 and Hurricane for the last 7 years, but am looking to get a new project ski (A big 1200cc sounds good right about now). Trolling Craigslist has turned up some interesting boats, and the one that caught my eye was a '99 Kawa Ultra 150 for $1600 "Just needs come carb work"....

    After talking to the guy, it turns out the Ultra doesnt run, has taken it to a certified boat mech and he tore it apart to reveal a bad crank and needs top end kit. All parts are included and the hull, deck, mats and upholstery look fantastic for a 12 year old ski, and I just cant pass up a good deal. I talked the guy down to $1000, and may take it this week. I figure $500 for a good top end kit, and another couple hundred for the carb kits. I know how to do all this myself, so I dont have to pay anyone .... I just hope the crank isnt bad, thats another $500.

    Give me your honest thoughts before I sink another grand into a project boat!

    Heres some pics:
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    I've done a couple of those fixer-upper deals and they always end up costing more than I thought. A top overhaul with Kawi parts will set you back at least $600. You don't want to use SBT parts on this one. Keep in mind that the cylinders must be good, you can't bore the nikasil cylinders, or even hone them much. They can be replated.

    Carb kits are over $100 each, too.

    I don't think you'll find a good crank for $500.

    Does the display work? A new one is almost $900, figure about $300 for a used one. Trim is also expensive.

    I probably wouldn't give over $500. There are literally TONS of Ultras out there with blown engines.

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