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    Question about water ingestion for front air intake

    Rode my ski this weekend at the lake, and it was quite choppy. However some friends of mines were riding the ski, and they had messed around a lot doing doughnuts and all of that stuff. I am pretty sure they ingested in some water since my idle was pretty shitty, and the whole engine was stuttering for a 1-2 mins or so.

    At the end of the day, I was on shore playing around, and someone took out my jet ski for one last ride. While riding, they turned off the ski, and try to turn back on the ski and it would not turn on. It just kept cranking, so I had to get towed back onto the dock. I knew the ski wouldn't turn on due to the water ingestion, so I removed the spark plugs, and held the throttle to let some water spit out of the spark plug holes. Barely any water splat up.

    After doing that, my ski started up fine. I was wondering if I could had bent a rod/hydrolocked the ski or anything?

    When I came home, I also removed the intake manifold to see if there was any water in there, and there was barely any in there. Like a teaspoon or so. Could this be enough to damage the motor?

    Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it very much!

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    Ahhhh the old "my mates stuffed up my ski". I too had this near identical situation happen to me. I learnt a valuable lesson that day.
    You would have to have ingested a lot of water to lock the motor, and seeing as though your mate shut off the ski and it didn't just lock up and stall your rods will be fine.
    However this is still far from an ideal situation.
    I'm assuming you changed your plugs?? The old ones are stuffed.
    Also check your oil.
    Take away a valuable lesson. I'm sure your friends didn't mean to do this, but unless they know all about your ski and understand everything that can go wrong, they shouldn't be riding it.

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