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    Turn Down Exhaust Tip

    Can anyone tell me if a turn down exhaust tip is legal as per the ijsba rulebook?
    Was looking to install one to quieten the boat down abit.

    Below is the rulebook clause relating to exhausts in open class, but I cant tell if its legal or not, as far as I know an exhaust tip isnt a tuned portion.

    8.4.8 Exhaust system (i.e., manifold, connecting pipes, hoses, muffler(s), etc.) may be modified or aftermarket. Through-hull exhaust may be modified or aftermarket, providing a hazard is not created. No tuned portion of the exhaust system may protrude outside of the hull. Exit location of the exhaust gases may be relocated to the transom below the bond flange

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    The Ultras come stock with somewhat of a turndown, so I would assume so. I doubt anyone would care.

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