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Thread: Twisted Crank?

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    Twisted Crank?

    Okay so I had my boat on the water last summer and was running fine. I went to start this spring and one engine wouldn't start. So I carried the boat into local dealer and was told it had a twisted crank shaft and was quoted $3500 to replace it, 1 wear ring and clean all carbs. I just am not so sure about it being a twisted crank. The shop did a compression test and claimed 160 on front cylinder and 190 on rear. I have not confirmed but will tomorrow. Also I can pull the spark plugs and turn engine over and rear cylinder will spit lots of oil almost constantly. I was thinking maybe a ring problem allowing pressure and oil from the crank case up into the cylinder. Any ideas really looking to get this boat back going but not at half the cost of the boat.

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    go get your boat from them and get someone who knows what there doing,....really go get it.

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    Already did. Put in a new stronger battery in and got it started but as soon as I put it in water no luck and hasn't started since. I was very disapointed in their service its the only seadoo dealer in my area.

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    This boat must have a rotary valve equipped engine. The crank seals tend to seep oil into the cylinders while storing. Most of the Seadoos I've had did this - some worse than others. I would always get it running, it would smoke exessively, then be good for the season. The only way to properly fix the problem is replace the crankshaft, but it will eventually do it again.

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    Where are you located? Maybe someone is close to you.

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    First Off Welcome to the Hulk

    Checking for a twisted crank is very easy
    There are 2 ways the easy fast way and the right way both will tell you if you do in fact have a twisted crank

    Fast way
    First take the spark plugs out bring one cylinder to TDC with head on or Off either way will do then take a caliper check how high the piston comes then with a long punch or screw driver push down the other piston if the crank is twisted it will move down making the piston at TDC move down also any more the 1mm or .040 movement its twisted and will give you many problems with running, tuning and even blowing up.
    The best way is more involved but will get you to the same place. When a PWC comes in my shop and has any running problem its one of the first things I check along with compression, spark, fuel.
    It take only 3-5 minutes max to do.

    The oil that your talking about may be coming from other things but to help I would need to know what engine we are talking about.

    Dealers are parts changers Sorry its just true I only know of a few good techs in dealers my area but they get paid to hall ass and flat rate jobs and its very easy to say you have a twisted crank and give you an estimate of 3500.00 bones because they will just put a new or rebuilt engine and there done.

    If you Do need an engine or if your going to try to repair it your self you can call a guy that does over 100 cranks and 30-40 engines a year for me he does Great work I have used him for 14 years he is a straight shooter and uses Great parts and the work is the best. He is the link to his website

    They have a Fast turnaround time also have Free Return Shipping and 10% off for GreenHulk members call him and ask question he will help you.

    Let see what your working with
    Pm Me I dont get a chance to go back check threads

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    Quick update took it to the river today spayed a quick shot of starter fluid on the air filter and it started right up. It smoked like crazy for prolly a half a mile then both engines ran great even better than last year. So I'm guessing it is the crank seals. Thanks for all the quick advice looks like I'd better learn to work on these engines myself rather than depend on the stealership.

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