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    2001 polaris virage carb

    I have a 2001 virage carb two cyli i took out the cab that covers the flywheel i just want know is there a spring that connects to starter bendix inside if yes where can i get one at also if replace the flywheel do i need to have a timing on in thanx

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    The domestic flywheel has an adjustable timing ring around the flywheel inner hub, held in place by two small bolts. You would set the position to match the old flywheel timing ring.

    Once installed, you can check exact timing with a timing light.

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    thanx does the bendix have a spring inside the hub

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    Quote Originally Posted by h23pasadena23 View Post
    thanx does the bendix have a spring inside the hub goes in the hole in the stator cover.....also don't forget the thrust washers on either side if the bendix

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    and the plastic insert

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    thanx i guess im missing the spring and thrust washers and plastic insert u guys know where i could fin these
    parts i took it to a shop to replace the stator and it looks like they forgot to put some pieces back
    cant u guys help me thank u

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