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    Talking Body / Fiberglass Work?

    Is body work expensive? I just bought a ski with two areas that need a good sanding and fixing of some sort. The area is not leaking through its just a lil bash from the dock or something it looks like, there about 5 inches by 5 inches on the front side of the nose and ones on the side lil back further. Whats something like this go for, anyone have any ideas?

    Thanks, Ant...

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    I received some ridiculous quotes for this. I had the front nose cracked, and a spot underneath the front. It also had a lot of scratches all over it. I got quotes for getting everything black above the rubrail repainted, and those parts repaired and painted. First quote was 1000, second quote was 750. i wound up having a buddy who works at a body shop do everyhing for $240 which was mostly materials. Know any body guys? Check with some body guys who want some side work, or try and do it yourself.

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    Depends on materials used and what kind of job you want. If you want it to look really good, you pay for it.

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    SMC hull? You could go get a plastic body filler spreader and some Marine Tex epoxy and start filling it in yourself. Then sand it down flat and smooth. Then all you have to worry about is paying someone to paint it.

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    Its a 2001 Gp1200 Dunno what the hulls made out of, but I am gonna go to a body shop I know of maybe they'll do something for it...

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    I payed close to $80 just for an aerosol can of oem paint, primer and clear coat from

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicedrop25 View Post
    Its a 2001 Gp1200 Dunno what the hulls made out of, but I am gonna go to a body shop I know of maybe they'll do something for it...
    Yeah, that's SMC. And I could be wrong, but I don't think fiberglass and SMC work well together... I would go the marine tex route.

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    I purchased a 2006 FXHO with a gash on the nose area...I used Marine TEX to patch the area a some flexible bumper putty to dress it up. Got it smooth and sprayed with white Rustolean auto paint from Home Depot.....the color is just about a perfect match....four coats of paint...wet sand with 320...600...1000 and 2000 paper. Followed up with a clear coat polishing compound....

    Looks pretty good!


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