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    4-tec wake edition pump question

    Hey guys,

    Friend of mine picked up one of the 4-tec wakeboard edition skis. Bought it without a pump - it was stolen. I believe it is an 04.

    Trying to help him source the right pump - used. New is not an option as it wouldn't make sense. This was just something for him to ride for a month early this season and then flip.

    I can't get my arms around the SeaDoo pump cross referencing. By part numbers, even from the one wake edition year to the next, the pump part numbers are different.

    Is there a generic pump that will fit on this thing? Or does it have to be from the same year 4-tec wake edition ski??

    I see some Sea-Doo's pump diameters differ by mere half millimeters increments. I did a lot of reading last year - but that was ages ago for that kind of info retention. I want to say that pump is around 155mm.

    We are also missing all the other stuff like reverse mechanism - basically everything behind the shoe.

    I have an Ultra 150, and from 99-05 the pump is pretty much the same pump/housing/impeller. Diff seals etc after a certain year (improved), but I could bolt a 99 pump to an 04 and vice versa. This 4-tec wake doesn't seem to be as simple.


    And thanks in advance.

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    Forgot to mention. He has called a dealer, which has been the typical experience. Takes them awhile to get part numbers and then prices, which I can pretty much do myself online. They can't offer any cross reference info - like which other models have compatible pumps. Looking for SeaDoo guru knowledge, not 'call the dealer' advice.

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    Here's some advice to LIVE by.... NEVER CALL THE STEALER....... At the top of the page, click on GreenHulk OE Replacement icon. It will take you to the parts pages and you can source your parts by year, make, and model.

    Click image for larger version. 

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