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    96 raider 1100 wont start!!

    hi im kinda new to these but i was giving this for free it was sank a few years back and they could never get it to run. well i ended up cleaning the carbs, put new reeds in it, changed the plugs and put a new battery in it and got it to run.

    after we got it out on the lake it would run for awhile and then just shut off but it would always fire right back up but finally after 3hrs of run time it died completly. all i get when i hit the button to start it is a quiet wine from the front of the motor.

    i can turn the motor over by hand from the shaft in the rear of the motor so i dont think anything is seized up any help would be greatly appreciated thanks evan.

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    welcome to the hulk.

    sounds like your motor is not turning over. this could be a few different problems. bad, or weak battery. ( could have loss charge, from charginge system not working, etc). bad starter, bad bendix drive, bad battery cables, poor connection at the start switch harness, etc.

    look over all above metioned.

    good luck.

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    ok thanks its at my cabin right now im ill look at it over the weekend and i had a jumper box hooked up to it so i know it was getting good power so ill check the rest of the things

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