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    First Ride Impression

    Picked my new 300LX up this arvo after much anticipation which didn't help seeing the videos of them in action.........

    It is only my second ski - first was a standup some years ago that I used for cross training for motocross. Still ride motocross but not a standup. I always wanted another ski but with a little boy now, a standup is too selfish so I looked at the 'boats'.

    Got told about the 300's coming about a month ago. Looked into them, read heaps and then decided yep, one of those will do just nicely. Given my motocross bikes of choice are Kawasaki's, it fits. I should have gone the green X to go with my bikes but the seat of the LX was a better alternative IMO for the family anyway.

    So, picked the ski up, talked myself into a quick ride as the ramp was only a few minutes down the road before I had to head home to collect the boy from school.

    Out onto the water and kept in under 2500rpm for the first 15 minutes as per the book and was then pretty gentle on it for the next 20 I rode. A couple of half throttle blasts and holy crap, these things have got some go! All I can say is make sure you are holding on! It doesn't feel like a big boat at all. It turns on itself if you want it to and that is with the trim set in the middle - would be even better if you trimmed it down. Speaking of trim, go up and it is one seriously dry ride and now I know what you all raved about, these things are rock solid in chop and a really smooth dry ride.

    Needless to say I don't like it much

    Can't wait to get out over the next few days to get some good hours on it so I can be shocked when full noise is achieved!

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    Congrats! Good luck with it, glad you like it so far. Get that limiter bypass ordered up soon for some more fun...

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    Mate, the LX seat is just great - comfy as. If the LX came in a metallic green, it would have won!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tryharder View Post
    Mate, the LX seat is just great - comfy as. If the LX came in a metallic green, it would have won!
    I love arse support but my arms are too short for LX seats.

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    Two hours on it now. No issues to report except the slop in the steering. Might look into fixing that with the suggestion I found on this site!

    Unbelievable hook up in chop. Awesome ride. The thing just blasts through trimmed up on top. Like skimming whoops on my bike.

    Another ride tomorrow and then Saturday will see it go past five hours and then WOT....

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