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    Electronic reverse/forward

    I am having a problem with my electronic Forward / revese on my 1999 Genisis. When i press the button for Forward it moves the thrush director to the Forward possition however the light on the dash shows it still in reverse most of the time and electronically ingages the Rev limiter (thinking it is still in reverse). With playing around with it i can get it to go fully in forward sometimes. Is there an adjustment somewhere for this?? i checked the service manual but it shows the mechanical F/R not the electronic one



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    PERC electric reverse - diagnostics


    PERC (Polaris Electric Reverse Control) is not documented in the 1999 service manual (over looked by Polaris, apparently). You need to look in the 2000 and 2001 manuals to find PERC info. I think in 2002-2004 the PERC system was revised - similar, but not exactly the same.

    There are two sets of electrical contacts (switches) inside the PERC motor unit. Two switches (Forward and Reverse) signal the reverse position to the MFI display, while a separate SYNC contact signals reverse mode and RPM limit to the EMM and also illuminates the Reverse message on the display.

    To operate PERC with the engine off simply hold down the Bilge button. The bilge pump should run, and the reverse system should have power. If you want to wake up the MFI display just press any button for a second to wake it up.

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    I did know about being able to work it with the engine off, thats going to save me agro. Also the PDF file, it will give me something to follow. THANKS

    I had the PERC motor unit cover off, there are actually 3 switches, the 2 on the ends, both go open and closed at the same time. The one in between the outer 2 is open when the other 2 are closed and visa versa.


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