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    1997 GTX bogging/stalling help please.

    I purchased two 1997 GTX's. One runs perfect the other the seller paid to have the engine rebuilt and put the rest back together himself but could not get it running.
    In the process of troubleshooting, thanks to posts I have read here, I found he had the mag cup out one bolt hole.
    So now it starts and runs fine on the trailer but when I put it in the water it either stalls right away or if I play with the throttle I can get it up to 4000 RPMs.
    I was able to do this twice and each time after driving around at 4000 RPM's for about 2 to 3 minutes it cleared up and hit 7000 RPMs. Each time I thought I had it but was only able to maintain 7000 RPMs for 15 - 30 seconds then it would die and I could not start unless pulled back out of water.

    I have done some extensive reading and have checked.

    -Rotary valve and cover in perfect shape. Have checked timing and it is at 147. The specs from here indicate I should be at 146.5 but 147 is as close as I could get.

    -The original carbs were damaged by the last bonehead bad enough they needed to be replaced. I ordered a set from ebay that are in perfect shape. They differ from the original carbs in that they have the accelerator pump where the old ones did not. The replacement carbs were off a 1998 SPX. Hopefully this carb is not jetted differently for the SPX as opposed to a GTX?
    Low speed jets set to 1.5 turns out high speed set to zero.

    -Rectifier ruled out as multimeter indicates charging when reved and pulling the red wire with a fully charged battery does not help.

    -Plug wires trimmed back but they don't look like they are in the best shape. Possible grounding? Can they be unscrewed from the coil side trimmed/replaced and put back on that end as well or do you need to buy a new coil to get new wires? There is some condensation and slight rust on some of the connections to the coil but not real bad.

    -Fuel lines replaced fuel selector checked but not dirty. Carb screens clean.

    -Fresh fuel.

    -Compression 140ish in each jug.

    -Battery replaced.

    At this point I am at a loss. Please help 2 stroke seadoo gurus!!!

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    Sounds as if you need to rebuild those carbs and check the pop off pressure it that's what it sounds like. If the regulator diaphragms are hard and brittle they will be no good. Also check all the vent check valves and the hole just under the rub rail on the left side of the hull.

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    Nothing to troubleshoot now my last 7000 RPM burnt a hole in top of the PTO piston.

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    Man hate to hear that. Well atleast you get to do a rebuild or engine change and have a little fun doing it.

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