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    bendix/starter question - 93 sl650

    how does the bendix fit into the starting system...I greased up the end that goes in by the stator, then installed the starter which engaged the bendix.

    however, I do not know how the bendix engages the flywheel, and I am not seeing any info about how it would. does the starter somehow push that forward?

    I lubed up both ends of the bendix and the flywheel cover slipped right on, so I assume that all is good there, but I wanted to be sure before I drop this in the hull.

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    The Bendix is spring loaded. The gear nearest the starter is always resting on the starter drive gear. The outer gear that engages the flywheel is retracted by springs inside the Bendix.

    When the starter spins the Bendix, the centrifugal forces cause the outer gear to spin out on a set of internal splines and engages the outer gear with the flywheel. When the starter stops spinning the springs force the outer gear back away from the flywheel.

    When assembling, be sure to have the stainless shims on both ends of the Bendix where it is supported in the flywheel cover sections.


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    oh sweet I didn't know that...thanks

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