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    2000 900 STX fuel tank question

    Is it possible to remove the tap assy from the fuel tank without removing the engine?
    The service manual states "to remove the fuel tank 1st remove the engine". Seems like there should be another way. I'm looking for the fuel tank check valve. It is not on the vent line going up to the handle bar area.

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    OK, guess I don't need to remove the tap assy. The check valve in the assy works ok. I blew down the vent line and the valve opened. I sucked on the vent line and the valve closed which it is suppose to do. I was looking for a fuel tank pressure relief check valve since I believe I have excessive pressure in the fuel tank.

    My problem is that the engine starts fine and for the 1st 30 to 45 seconds after leaving the ramp the engine starts to loose rpm then the max rpm I could muster out of it was about 2200 rpm. The primer which is in the return line had no fuel in it. I was able to get it back to the ramp and on the trailer. I tried but could not get the engine to start. I loosened the fuel tank cap and a large amount of air came out. Much more than normal. I again tried to start the engine and it started ok. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me. I did change out the fuel pump this last winter and I have had this problem ever since. My thought are that the pressure in the fuel tank was so high that in would not allow fuel from the return line to return to the tank. I had just added gas before launching so this pressure build up occured after I started the engine and left the ramp. Is there a way to check the fuel pump pressure?

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