This started last month after it had sat for the past 2 - 3 months. I took it out for the first time this year, It started right up, ran great. I was flying down the river at WOT. After about 15 minutes it dies. Dead in the water. I played with the choke and it starts back up, so I head back to the ramp. Running fine, so I think, hmm that was weird. I go WOT, and within 15 seconds, it dies. I wait a minute, it starst right up, like nothing happened. It does this one more time on the way back to the ramp. I get it on the trailer and pull off the seat to see if anything looks out of the ordinary. I did find a broken hose clamp, looks to be around the short fat hose ( 6 in long, by about 6 in wide) . No water came in that I could see. I replaced that clamp, took it back out. Same issue. Took it to the mechanic, checked the compression, and said it was good. So they cleaned the carbs and replaced the fuel lines. Said the carbs were pretty dirty. Took it back out this week, and after 15-20 minutes of WOT , it died again. Started it right back up, no chok, no waiting, just restarted with no issues. But if i tried to to much throttle, it would die. help!!??!?!