My good friend has an stx1100 di that has the "shoe" that seals the driveshaft from the water line under the hull off. It tore off 2 times and he had the dealer fix it, but they never did it right so i took the job of doing it.

I removed his engine and pump and driveshaft so we have a 100% clear shot at it, he has it aerospace clean on the bonding surface for the "shoe"... So my question is, have you guys had any experience doing this?

If so, what did you bond it with? 3M 5200? Or something similar? This is what i was going to use, so hopefully it will hold this time since the dealer just smeared it all over the thing last time, it was only a matter of time before it tore again, we are doing it from scratch now.

Is this a common issue, and any last min input on this? Thanks.