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    1990 Seadoo SP Oil Leak

    Is there a common place that these leak oil from the front of the machine?

    I'm wondering if they have a habit of cracking the reservoirs, or a good place to start looking..

    I havent been able to see anything obvious.

    Can I just ignore the oil injection and just run it premix without any issues? (just oil in the gas, and not cap anything off..let oil system dry out)

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    you can but it will ruin the oil pump if it runs dry unless you get a block off plate and remove the oil pump driveshaft behind the front housing

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    The rotary gear chamber must have an oil supply on a Rotax. I would check at the bottom grommet of the oil tank, and also the tank seam itself. If it were mine I would loop the large oil lines together with an elbow and make sure they are full. Pull the oil pump off and install a blockoff plate. You can also just remove the pump drive from inside the intake, then leave oil pump and lines intact. Then start running 40:1 pre-mix.

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