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    Kawasaki STX-15f Pulling Left

    hey guys.
    i just bought a 2004 STX 15f, it runs great however i have noticed that when i have a passenger on the back of the ski it pulls/leans left when i am driving in a straight line. when it's only me on the ski it still does a little bit but its not nearly as noticeable. any ideas what's causing this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew2931 View Post
    any ideas what's causing this?
    They all do that to some degree. CCW rotation of the impeller.

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    i adjusted my steering cable that worked

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    sweet...thanks for the replies,
    however i don't know exactly how to adjust the steering cable on my ski.
    any help would be appreciated.
    thanks a lot.

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    Check your sponsons, I had one that came loose and had me chasing my azz till someone suggested I check them. it was less than a half turn of a allen wrench loose. measure the right and adjust the left if its needed.

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