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    Benefit of RXT Tilt and Trim......

    I recently purchased a 2008 Seadoo RXT 255 and just finished my first tank of gas. My previous Seadoo had no tilt/trim. I played with it some and really could not tell any difference. In what situations is this of value? How would it best be used?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Triming it down helps it take tight turns better. Trim it up for best speed and straight line cruising. I usually run my TX trim 1 notch below neutral in turns and 1 notch below top for cruising.

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    its more noticeable as you burn fuel off

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    The trim on my 2001 GP1200R didn't seem to do anything meaningful or noticeable but boy does it do something and is very noticeable on my 2008 RXP - even with a full tank of gas trimming up really lifts the front end and trimming down really keeps the nose planted down. I have been set at keeping it one step up from neutral for set it and forget it riding. Trim up for faster speed? Well I think in slight chop I can go faster (stay hooked) with the trim down a notch or two from neutral. This guy came up to me today that claimed to have $6000 in mods in his motor alone on his 07 RXP and I walked him off the start with my trim down and it took him nearly twenty seconds to reel me in and just ever so slightly creep away from me.

    He claimed it was the chop. Well I had to deal with the same conditions. I feel bad for him if he really has 6k in his motor and is only slightly faster on top than my stock RXP. Gotta say I'm very impressed with mine for stock. I rode my neighbors 06 RXT 215 and mine really does pull much harder and feel much faster on top end. Maybe I got one of those 1 in a 100 better than average running machines because I was very surprised I could pull a holeshot on the same model with 6k into it and only lose by a little bit on top end. But yea, trim down seemed to help stay hooked in slight chop. If I trimmed up would I been able to sneak in that little bit of extra speed on top and be more equal to that guy next time? I'll try that next time - but honestly being a former motocross racer, drag racing is a complete joke to me... I only did it to make the guy happy. He wanted to run his modded machine against a stock one to see how it compared, win or lose I had nothing to lose being stock. With how good mine performed stock, he's probably really disappointing if he spend even half of what he claimed to have spent on it.

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