My PV motor went bad and I got a replacement but I noticed that with the cables off I can turn the wheel on the cylinder to open the valves and it turns about twice as much as it did when the PV motor was working. 2 things could be happening here. 1. the faulty PV motor wasnt working 100% when it was working thus not allowing the PV's to fully open, which also could explain why this ski is slower than the other. 2. the PV cables could just be out of adjustment. I installed the new PV motor and I followed the instruction per the shop manual, start the ski wait for the PV motor to cycle then check to see if the hole in the wheel lines up with the hole in the cylinder. It does, so I assume since cable 1 is the one that closes the valves that it is adjusted properly. Cable 2 i believe is the one that opens the valves. Both appear to have a little slack, but cable 2 is quite a bit looser than cable 1. Since the hole in the wheel and cylinder do line up correctly should I just tighten both cables until there is no play in the at all?