Procharger Marine Intercooler - 1/4 of cost

Awhile back I picked up a Procharger D3 Marine air to water intercooler from a friend who was parting out a boat. At the time I was considering buying a FZR/S and intended to possibly use this intercooler ... but I am not going to buy a new ski this year and don't need this intercooler and have decided to sell it instead.

Dimensions: the core is roughly 6" x 6" by 9", external dimensions are 9" x 9" x 11" (inlet to inlet). Air is 3" in and out, water lines are 1/2" in and out, and there is a nice brass drain fitting as well. This was out of a Baja from Illinois, fresh water only, Lake Michigan boat. It has 4 mounting tangs welded on the bottom, plus 4 threaded holes on one side, and includes bolts and mounting brackets. I pressure tested the water side, no leaks, very clean, flows great. Air side, you can easily see daylight from one opening to another. Very solid, weighs 10+ lbs.

This intercooler is used on all the big inch Mercruiser Procharger setups all the way up to 1500 HP setups, so it is capable of extreme performance. Made in the US, with a very high quality core. This intercooler costs $1250 new for a black painted version, $200 more for the polished aluminum as this one is, so new price is $1450. I would like to get $300 for it, shipped in the US, paypal fees included.

The drain could easily be switched to a second outlet, for extra water/pressure options.

This would also be a very good candidate for a custom turbo setup ... it would handle any amount of boost/hp since most boats using this setup are running BBCs with 500 - 1000+hp.
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