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    Need advice on a top end piston kit to use for a 1996 Challenger

    Hey Guys,

    I recently sold my ski and bought a 96 Seadoo Challenger. I need a top end rebuild kit. I was gonna buy the one on ebay with WSM'S, or SBT, but came across some post that said they wern't good pistons to use.

    Any suggestions on what kind and where I can buy a top end kit and what brand ? Its a single 787 engine with 1.00 pistons. My buddy owned it and had it bored out some. I don't know much more about it or about ski/boat engines.

    I'm looking to get these parts asap. The boat sat last summer and I really wanna use it this summer. .

    Any help would really be appreciated/needed !!

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    If it's been bored you have to buy the pistons that match the new bore size, which means the cylinders need to be accurately measured before purchasing.

    I wouldn't worry about the "not good pistons to use", they are either pistons for that engine or they are not, there won't be people randomly casting pistons for your engine.

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    Thanks for the reply k-dub.

    I just read some posts online that say wsm's and sbt's dont hold up. But I dont know anything about either.

    The engine was bored out. The cylinder hasnt been measured but they pistons that were taken out are 1.00 and the part number is 010-818-07 not sure of the maker though.
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