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    How easy is it to make a 2002 Virage I carbureted?

    I have a 2002 VirageI that is giving me problems.I have spare electronics for a Virage 700 carbureted ski and was wondering if I can convert my DI to carbureted using these electronics and buy a carb? If I do this what will the horsepower be?

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    Lots of costs involved in Ficht conversion to CDI + carburetors. Engine power will be about the same, fuel economy will be slightly worse.

    Change Ficht stator to non-Ficht stator
    Change flywheel
    Change cylinder heads
    Change wiring harness and electrical box
    Remove electric fuel pump and install Freedom fuel sender
    Install dual carburetors or change intake manifold and install single carburetor
    Install choke knob + cable

    Probably some other things I have forgotten...

    It is cheaper and easier to get your Virage i repaired.

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    Don't forget that you have to tap the engine cases for pulse lines...which probably can't be done with it in the hull.

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