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    96 zxi paint/gelcoat chipping?

    Was just wondering if anyone elses ski is chipping gelcoat/paint in the footwells? Mine is a 96 1100 zxi. Maybe this One sat in the water early in it's life.

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    kawasaki went to smc on the hulls and just painted them no primer just paint to plastic. so it starts coming off where water stands. i did warranty work for dealer at my body shop and we did a ton of these the first year.

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    My ski doing same thing. 96 900ZXI is there something i can paint over it to stop it from peeling?

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    The paint doesn't just chip on those things, it comes off in sheets!

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    only cure we found was to strip it and apply a waterproof primer and repaint.some epoxys are waterproof and will adhere to smc.

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