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    looking for a PV motor expert in Orlando

    Ive got a couple of 800s and need to pick the best parts and make one out of them.
    I need some insight and guidance as Ive never done a PV motor before and sure dont want to do this twice.I can bring all the parts to you and will re assemble myself.

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    If you need any help with the engine I will answer and questions I have been in this Industry for 30 years.

    if you need any crank or engine work and its something I can help you with the guy that builds all my crankshafts and engines is very good and has a greenhulk discount with Free Return Shipping check them out link to the yamaha 800 engines

    Last year he did over 100 crankshafts and 50 shortblocks for my shop and just work I have used him for 13 plus years

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    I think I can get by with just new rings,seals,gaskets.
    motor only had 30 hrs on it,dropped a PV.
    I ll replace those damaged parts from the other motor.

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    If that is the case in dropping a PV, make sure you split the cases and check the bearings or in the very least flush the block and see what comes out. Shavings and chunks can be a real problem if left in the bearings or crank.

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    I think Im going to use the crank,cases and one jug from the other motor
    it has low compression in one of the 2 cylinders.
    But would still like for an expert to look at the parts for me.
    Beers on me.....

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    anyone in central Fla?

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    split the cases and inspect the parts, any questions on any of it just post what you find. The 800 is a fairly simple motor to build. Do as leejax01 said-split cases and clean and inspect very close-cleaning is 3/4 of building a motor-one missed piece of metal will ruin all your work. You can tell a lot on the crank from a good cleanup and visual inspection, as well as using a feeler gauge to measure big end side clearance and bearing noises. You will know if you have a bad main bearing when you spin it. Good ones are silent and have a solid feel when you spin them, a bad bearing will stand out-noisy and a looser feeling when you spin it-youll notice the difference in the two if you have a bad one-hard to explain.

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    ok thanks
    I have 2 complete motors and from what I can tell so far with cranks still in them,those are good.
    what is the specs?

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