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Thread: 7000 RPM?

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    7000 RPM?

    New riva racing impeller in SC, new oil pumps in front and rear housings. Stock intake and exhaust, and #42 injectors.

    The ski wont rev over 7000rpm....I cant spin the SC by hand. Ideas?

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    What was the slip set at?

    Checked for boost leaks?

    Plugs are good?

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    Plugs are new, slip is at 160in/lbs
    And how do you check for boost leaks? What confuses me is you can squeeze the pipe going from SC to TB at idle a LITTLE bit.

    Idle is around 1800rpm

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    i made a boost leak tester that fits on the end of the blower and you just add air to it to pressurize the intake system.

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