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    The lets figure out what happend to piston #1 thread

    This is a rebuilt motor by a local shop. Ski had around 65hrs on it since rebuild. Oil lines all look good, piston 2 and 3 still look great. Carbs are on the way back from Bill. Looks like just some minor corrosion from water in fuel. Looking for more ideas to check on why this piston went. Been discussing probable causes with Jan(jkr1300) but we havnt found a smoking gun as of yet. Hoping someone here can chime in with some good ideas of what happened. 2 strokes are not really my thing so please explain ideas if you can. Thanks

    #1 carb

    exhaust side of piston

    top view of piston

    exhaust side, top shot of piston

    top shot with jug off

    intake port #1 Cylinder

    minor amount of oil under the airbox

    intake side of piston

    pic of jug with no piston

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    It looks like you spun a ring and it grabbed the exhaust port.

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    beerdarts theory sounds pretty accurate. i thought the powervalve was pretty close, but then i saw that it looks like its still being held up by the pin. if you touch that powervalve its not floating around in its trough freely is it?

    if the pv is there it was probably a ring jumping its locator pin

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    Besides the spun ring theory, my only other guess would be an air leak at the exhaust powervalve or manifold. If a 2-stroke has an air leak on the exhaust side it will burn up the side of the piston and it looks very similar to that. Going back to my dirtbike days.

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    the ring spun and caught the exhaust port

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