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    possible lean condition on 03 xlt PLEASE help with advice

    My 03 yamaha xlt was bought with 30 hrs all stock.Heard bad things about converter so I removed it and installed d plate. It ran fine for another 30 hrs. Last spring started to pop out of exhaust was told to clean screens in carbs I did and still pops. told to rebuild carbs I did that but used the supplied spring which was different color ( I guess bad move)still pops tring to get on plane. Last year I seen somebody on here with a good starting point for low and high jets and which color spring to use. Also adjustment for the settings under the tamper proof caps. I pulled the chock a little while last time out and it cleared up a bit. I suspect lean condition. Does anyone have advice or recommend someone that can give me some. Thankyou Mike

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    If in doubt, send them to OsideBill

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