Hey guys I droped my gp1200r in the water the other night for the first time this season and ran in to some problems. Before putting it in I changed the spark plugs and fuel filter and put fresh gas in it. It started after a little trouble in the water and sounded like it was running fine but when I took off felt like it was bogging then maxxed out at 5,000 rpm and sounded like it the exhaust was kinda muffled. On my way back to the ramp and about 5 min in the water it just started working normal so I tossed it up to air bubbles in the fuel lines and whent on to ride for about 30 more minutes.
On my way back to the ramp I was riding full throttle when it stared the same thing and just dropped down to 5,000. Rpm and started making that muffled exhaust noise. Again it ran fine once I pulled it. I'm thinking it is the PV since I use yamalube but I'm starting to think that it was running on 2 cylinders? The ski has 170 hrs and has a d plate and wave eaters that's it. The carbs where also rebuilt last year but I have put 50 some hrs on them.

Thanks for everyones help in advance.