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    Questions on hoses, water getting in rough idle.

    I ran my ski for the 4th time this year and have noticed several things about the ski. I noticed there was water inside but never had water before. I tightened up all the clamps and several were a lil loose. What could be causing the water to go inside?

    I noticed there was a clear hose that was zip tied along with the bilge fuses and was wondering what it's for? the other end connects to the rubber grommet under the storage compartment(left one). Should it be connected to anything?

    I just replaced the spark plugs and it seems to idle rough when started up. Anything you recommend for me to check. BTW, I have a 2002 Virage TXI. Thanks in advance. Click image for larger version. 

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    The clear line is the vent for the battery. If you're using a sealed gel or agm battery you don't need it.

    What kind of plugs did you use when you replaced them?

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    I used the NGKPZFR6H plugs. When i removed the old plugs they were all black and seemed like they havent been changed in a while. It just seems like it seems to idle a lil rougher than when i first got it.

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    Water test - back it down the launch ramp, keep it strapped to the hull so it doesn't float. Take the seat off and hunt for the leak. You can run the engine as needed.

    The Virage hulls have a black plastic part that sometimes works loose and leaks. It is right behind the stubby 'hose' that supports the through-hull bearing, where the drive shaft exits into the pump tunnel, and the drive shaft goes through the black plastic sleeve. There is a special plastic nut inside the pump tunnel which can loosen and allow water to leak into the hull.

    Use a small mirror to see under the drive shaft area. Also check that the speedometer hose has not come loose from the tiny nipple under the drive shaft.

    Rough idle could be several things, but the first I would try is replacing the TPS.

    Have you looked at the Ficht and Virage sections from my signature links? Make sure the air temp sensor is not damaged (and trim back the plastic web inside the FA cover).

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