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    94 polaris sl750 fueling issue

    i have taken the carbs off and cleaned them the best i can, cleaned filter and fuel lines (thick clear), and if i pour a little gas down carbs itss start right up and sounds good, if i dont i can choke and crank but it just wont pull fuel, i took plugs out and choked and it puffed dry air. the gaskets under the carbs are junk i might need to replace them. maybe the low side jets are still clogged, i think my aftermarket three outlet pump just isnt strong enough to push it through to start. any ideas? where i can get those gaskets or a better fuel pump.

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    John Zigler has the parts you need. Info in my signature links.

    Did you actually remove and rebuild the carbs?
    There is a reason genuine Mikuni parts are recommended.

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    Is your hoses plumbed properly?

    What's your compression?

    Did you check your fuel lines?

    Have you checked the petcock?

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