I just bought a 2005 speedster 200 370. My blige pump only works manually so I think the float switch is malfunctioning. I went out for 4 hrs the other day and took on a ton of water before i realized I had a problem. The boat was porpoising badly and I have read that it could be anything from the ICS to cracks in the hull causing a leak but I thought that the boat was filled with foam. Should I just fill it with water until I see the leak? Also the blower doesnt work and the dealer claims that they changed all of the bad fuses. I of course asked them to check that all systems were operational but they obviously just changed my oil and spit me out. Few other things...radio doesnt work and I think I need some new cables because the steering is tight and the FNR lever is stiff. I had a yamaha exciter before this and it was much easier to steer and operate. this was a salt water boat so im sure im in for a semi restoration job on these issues. Any help would be much appreciated...the engines run fine and I plan on having the SCers rebuilt here shortly.