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    Help with cam spec

    is there anyone who knows what the intake cam from vxr have for spec
    vs intake cam from fxho

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    There is no great deal of a big measurable difference between the two cams... (lobe wise)

    The VXR N,A. cam only has about .004-.005 thou more lift, and 2 degrees more duration. The big difference is the bolt in lobe center difference on the two cams. The FZR/SHO intake cam installs at 122, and the VXR intake cam installs at 114.

    That's a big difference in cam lobe advancement.

    Say you bolt in a set of N.A. cams and they feel great.... WHY..... because the lobe centers are WAY different. You have better power because of the narrower LSA.

    Now if you put the R&D cam gears on the FZR/SHO cams, you will have even more power overall because the exhaust cam wont be TOO far advanced.

    The exhaust cam on the VXR is 108 and that is a little too far advanced in lobe center for the supercharged engine.......115-112 is great, which is attainable with the R&D cam gears.

    NOW, because there isn't much of a real difference in lift, that's why R&D has the RC2 cam profile. It's got WAY more lift and duration over the N.A. cams, and have proven so far to be the best cams available for the Yamaha engine.

    I know I did way more than just answer your question about the difference in specs but I just wanted to add in some other info to think about when deciding to play around with the cams in these engines. A lot of the info is straight from R&D and some of my own experience in playing around with my cams.

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    RC3's here.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    ok thanks for the info.
    I ordered two intake cams from ho

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