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    1993 polaris SL 750 stalling at idle

    looking to buy this jetski. we took it on water. started right up kept stalling on idle or when trying to accellerate. once going on full throtle works great fast.slow down to idle dies again starts up same thing. what is idle screw adjustment ? how many turns out.found top cover # 2 gasket torn 1/2 that mount to carb. compression 120, once going fast.great ride .owner did not run for 1 yr.just got it running.any ideas? greatly appreciated.

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    Check carb settings make sure there at specs. There is a adjustment for the idle right were the cable hooks to the carbs. Try turning it to bring the idle up. Replace any torn gaskets with new ones.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    Start reading up on your ski.

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