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    96 gtx - not sure what is wrong

    Hey everyone its been a while since I posted here. Last summer I was getting my 96 XP up and running and all is good with it. Now I have moved on to my dads ski (96 gtx) that has sat for a few years. When I first got into it, the engine was seized. I sprayed some PB Blaster, and came back about 30 minutes later and It was free. It even ran after that and sounded pretty normal. I put it in the water, and it has no power and his heavily bogging constantly and would only do about 5 mph.

    Sometimes it would go about 40. It was cavitating really badly so I replaced the wear wring. I also decided I would check out the carbs, and replaced all fuel lines, cleaned fuel selector valve..... Last night I got it put back together and it fired up. With the new wear wring it seemed pretty tight but from what I have read this is normal and it should machine itself down. (I sprayed a lot of WD40 there...). Today I get ready to throw it in the water and it will not run. It ran for a few seconds, sounded pretty rough and shut down. It has not started since. Does anyone have any ideas??

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    The motor is seizing. What compression do you have? Take the heads off and look at the cylinder walls for scuffs. Take the raves out and look at the piston.

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    I feel dumb haha! The only lines I had no replaced were the vent lines. They were blocked and not allowing the machine to run. Now on to the next issue. I put it in the water and it does not move. I realize that the driveshaft is not coming in contact with the impeller. I did some research and it seems the little busing between the impeller and the shaft can get lost when installing the pump. I think this is what happened? So far the shaft and splines on impeller look undamaged. Anyone have any other things I should check. I am ordering replacement bushings today. Thanks!

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    Does anyone have any ideas as to why the driveshaft would not be engaged when I put the pump in. As far as I can tell it just slides in, but I am a little unsure how to get the pump to line up with the splines.

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    you have some stripped splines some where. pump or PTO.

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    interesting, i inspected them and it seemed ok....I will have to dig in deeper. If that nylon bushing on the end of the driveshaft is not there could it cause it not to line up?

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    alright I have inspected everything and I can not find evidence of stripped splines. When I put the shaft into the pto once it slides in I can not replicate any stripped/slipping situation. Same goes to the impeller side. Any ideas?

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    ok...when you look in the engine bay. at the PTO. does it spin when you start the motor? if not sounds like you have a busted crank

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