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    Need some advice on first purchase please.

    I am looking a purchasing my first ski. I found a '03 XLT 800. I has high hours, but fires up just fine. The problem is that the owner says the jet pump needs replacing because the bearings are gone. He was quoted $1600 to replace. I found several rebuild kits online and if it is just the bearings seems like an easy fix. The owner is selling the ski w/ a dual trailer for $1500. Is this a good deal or am I getting in over my head.



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    Welcome , in my opinion you are going to want something a little bigger. my buddies first ski was a xlt800 and if he paddled fast enough down the waterfall it moved pretty good! he is like 5'10" about 220lbs . do you need a double trailer? if that is your budget i understand but don't bite at the first ski you look at, shop around hit the classifieds here . if you buy something on this site then most likely the member selling it had lots of interaction about what he/she did and you could basically read all about the ski right here. are you looking for a 2 or 3 seater? some 2 seaters are really like singles and a 3seat 800 is almost good for 1 depending on size. also if you are planning on towing with a 3 seater you might want a little more power. just my opinion and everybody has one. read up on the type of ski on this site , use the search option as often as you can. good luck

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    Thanks for the reply. Sound advice. I am glad I didn't pull the trigger. My little bro told me to come here and I am glad I did.

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