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    '96 GTX fuel gauge / bottom gasket issues

    Afternoon folks,

    I'm helping a friend out with a '96 GTX that he's just bought. There's a couple of things I could do with a few opinions on...

    1) There is a small amount of water leaking from the bottom half of the rearward cylinder. The head bolts look like they've been used recently so I assume the previous owner has had some work done. My thinking is that the bottom gasket needs replacing - what do you guys think? If so is relatively easy to replace?

    2) Fuel gauge. I have read the previous posts on the typical fuel gauge issues (I have a '97 Speedster and have had to fix the fuse and replace the float before). But what's curious with the issue on this ski is that there are no bars showing at all on the display. Here's what I've checked:

    a) fuse.
    b) oil light also works ok (I disconnected the oil sensor to simulate an empty tank and and oil light flashed on).
    c) disconnected the fuel sensor and checked the resistance, there's no circuit at all.
    d) even if I short out the connector to the fuel gauge (to simulate full fuel) it still shows nothing.

    I think I have two problems, the fuel baffle; and the fuel gauge. The first I can probably solve by pulling the baffle (I expect the float has stopped floating or fallen out). The second I need some help with, I would think it's unusual for the display to break (the rest of the display is working). Any ideas?

    Thanks folks.

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    I have the same issue on my 96 gtx except that I am getting resistance from the tank sensor.
    My display works great except the gas gauge and gas light.

    I am trying to test the gauge and found the pink wire but Im having trouble finding the black/purple wire harness that the manual specifies. Under the hood there are two plugs with purple/black combinations but when I unplug the black wire on either of those to try and test the gauges will not turn on.

    I just went through my 95 gtx and fixed the fuel baffle and replaced the grey fuel lines but the info sensor on my 96 is totally different.

    If anyone has and advice on what may be the problem that would be great. Thanks a ton and happy skiing!

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    I figured out how to test my sender unit finally. Just went directly to the tank. I found my problems to be the float and also i was reading like 50k ohms on my fluke 179. It turned out to be a bad connection in the wire where it is encased in epoxy. I just used a dremel tool to grind away some of the epoxy exposing the where the wires came in and the terminals that connect to the circuit board. I then soldered new leads in across the epoxy area i grinded out and got perfect 2-90 ohmn readings. My fuse was fine so I did not at this point need to solder across it. I did cut into the baffle exposing the fuse and the terminals though which is how i got the reading on my DMM. I just used zip ties to reweld the plastic part i cut out like most people do. Gauge works great now.

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