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    No Compression on middle cylinder

    Hello all, I just need confirmation on what i've done.
    Polaris Virage, zapping along wot and the engine stopped, not died like pulling the lanyard, it STOPPED. Engine wouldn't restart but turned over very slowly, like a flat battery. Eventually restarted and seemed to run ok. Since then every now and then it seems to lose power and won't pick up, but paddle the throttle a bit and away you go. Today i took the plugs out to do a compression test ( i have no compression tester so i used my thumb). Engine turns over fine with no odd noises. Front cylinder blew my thumb off, rear cylinder blew my thumb off, middle cylinder i could just about feel the pressure. So
    1. When the engine stopped i had seized it.
    2. The seizure was probably due to running to lean.
    3. Major damage has been caused to the piston and/or cylinder.
    Thankyou for any input.

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    Remove the head and see what's going on.

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    Yep tried that. Removed water cooler jacket only to find *!?% Torx head bolts. If I'd got the right tools i might have carried on, it was going to go at the end of this season anyway. I'm too old and arthritic to start buying new tools. So i shall sell it on at an appropriate price.

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    where you located ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 785 lugs View Post
    where you located ??
    And what ski do you have?

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    North Wales, UK. Virage TX

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