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Thread: what reflash ?

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    what reflash ?

    can any one recomend wich reflash to go for on my fzs 2009 i have done inlet man upgrade hks bov riva water box riva through exhaust riva air intake custom made prop E1 charger wheel engine cooler upgrade intercooler upgrade riva fuel pressure reg and supercharger cooling upgrade hittin around 73 mph but bouncing hard on limmiter @ around 7800 rpm many thanks in advance jay!!! O and would you recomend 55 psi of fuel pressure !!!! ?

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    Go with the R3. If you read up on the differences between the R1,2 or 3, The R3 gives you more bang for your buck.
    Just my opinion.

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    +1 go with the r3 if you have the e1 wheel....

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