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    need help with my 96 seadoo xp's im stumped!

    hey guys i have been searching for answeres everywere so ima try here, okay i bought 2 96xps in march, i put a new motor in one and new batteries in both, I have been threw the carbs and fuel lines on both everything looks great. I finally got both skis running pretty good, here is my problem....

    ski 1
    It runs great and will sometimes start to kinda bog or surge (like full throttle will be going like 10 mph and studdering) but then i can keep giving it gas and it will get back to working great, or i can turn the power off and then turn it on while holding throttle down and it will hall but again, it only does this from time to time, Today i checked the battery volts and it was 12.3 i then started it and reved it up a little and it stays around 12.3-12.5..... i have put new plugs and cut plug wires and idk were else to go with this ski

    ski 2
    It has always ran great for me and halls but, i have gond threw the carbs and cleaned them and i still never really have a problem with this ski, i checked battery volts today and it was like 12.4 i then turned it on and it just goes to 1 if i rev it or whatever it stays at 1 as long as ski is on? so i have a extra recitifier i ordered a while back i threw that on there and it does the same thing? what would this mean i have never had problems out of it and i have been out with the skis about 10 times so far this season

    also both skis have good compression

    ski 1
    150psi, 147psi

    ski 2
    150psi, 150 psi

    thanks guys and sorry for the long post just trying to cover all what i have done

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    when you cleaned the carbs did you pull the little filter screens and replace the needle and seats on ski #1? as for ski #2 sounds like the pick up in the mag housing is faulting. does the ski die after about 10-15 mins on the water with a dead battery?

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    Hey man thanks for the reply i am mainly worried about the ski that just went to 1 so i went ahead and switched the volt metere to 200 dcv and then i found out why it was going to 1 it was because it was higher than 20v so i checked the ski it says 12.3 and then when i turn the ski on it goes to like 139.8 and moves around from there like to 144.5 that is just weird i put a new recitifier in the other ski and it starts at 12.3 and it moves to about 12.9 so i am not to worried about them

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