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Thread: gp1300r help!

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    gp1300r help!

    I bought a gp last year and the throttle position sensor i believe was shot. I bought a used throttle body w sensor and recently installed it. On land it revs perfect and idles great. Put in water today and didnt rev above 3K rmp's. Back on land it reved fine. I checked the plugs and the first cyl looked good. 2 and 3 looked like they hadn't been used at all...any suggestions? thanks in advance for some help! -Casey

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    Welcome to the forum,

    compression test
    check TPS voltage off throttle and full throttle and see what the voltage is. You know how to test it?

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    no sir, I do not know how to test it the tps voltage. Are you able to guide me?

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    I dont know anything about TPS sensor, but I would start with compression test. If you dont have one all the local parts stores sell them for about $45 with all the adapters. If you are saying that a couple of cyl looked unused sounds like they arent getting any fuel. Maybe injectors? Mine did something similar ran fine out of the water, but would not run right in the water and found I had a broken aftermarket reed cage. It is due to the load. If you are running on 1 cyl then it may seem to run ok out of the water but once you put it in the water with a load on the engine then it cannot run right.

    If you think it may be due to TPS search the forum, I am sure there is tons of info out there.
    Actually try this, hope it helps.

    This one shows exactly how to test!

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    post pics! we are not in your head lol! Do you get any Diag codes?

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    no codes

    it didnt throw any codes, that would have made it too easy haha...fml its like 90 here today. ill check compression and get back to you all. thanks again

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